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A Web-Based Language Analysis Tool!

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Week 11

This week the team has gone into full swing in order to complete features before user testing. We have fortunately recieved some help from fellow students in reviewing the code we have submitted towards the project in a pull request. Many senior project teams have decided to help one another by performing informal ‘code reviews’ and suggesting means of improvement. We will take the responses generated into account as we improve our code quality and overall code test coverage moving into the end of the semester and the upcoming winter break.

Week 12

Much of the same, but with a major accomplishment! The team has successfully deployed the site on it’s new home with working instances of Stanford CoreNLP and Illinois Curator (Many thanks to Chris and Keegan!) The team is looking to complete the user testing activity come week 13 or 14 and we are on track to do so. We have continued to generate four up charts and required SE documentation as we move forward so please consult these for further documentation.

Week 13

We have now completed the user testing activity with great success! A 96% user satisfaction rating was achieved, and we recieved several pieces of feedback that we would like to react upon over the semester break and into the Spring term. We have made many significant changes that require us to go back and improve user documentation, unit testing, and overall code quality in order to support the quality of release we would like to achieve for our sponsor. Moving into Spring of 2016, we will present a post with user test metrics and a roadmap of what we would like to accomplish so that other faculty members and staff can easily view our progress.

Week 14

We have mainly spent this week combining all of our results for the final presentation of the term. We have collected and organized the user testing metrics. as well as all of the Scrum artifacts that we have generated throughout the term. All that is left is to give the presentation, update our documents on the SE server, and establish a concrete plan to finish out the term and move forward into 2016!

Week 15

We have finished our mid term presentation with great success! As grades roll in we have been flattered to hear the positive feedback from our team sponsor and coach, as well as the rest of the SE faculty. We would like to use this confidence boost to roll forward with new ideas and a strong sense of motivation moving into the Spring term. We plan to spend the end of break working on unit tests and overall code quality to improve the state of the project and prepare for the addition of new features. This will include the refactoring of the Corpus upload unit tests, finishing up continuous integration, and getting to work on the documentation section of the app.

Week 16 (Finals)

Had our final sponsor meeting and reviewed our team’s evaluation. This was fairly standard and gave us a good point to work from over this break and through next semester. Here’s to a restful break and an even more productive 2016!