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A Web-Based Language Analysis Tool!

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Minor Configuration Issues

Unfortunately the team has been struggling with deployment of several new features onto the production environment hosted at The team has worked to support versions of Python 3.4.3 and above, which has caused some backwards compatability issues with NLTK. Now that a majority of the issues have been resolved, we have also implemented additional logging into the platform to ensure we can fix any issues that occur in the future. All of this information will be documented using the Github Wiki that is being completed throughout the Spring term.

Many new features added!

The feature list for Sprint 2 includes many features we would like to send into user testing including:

Moving forward, the ability to edit analyses while many are processed on the backend, in addition to multiple process threads to take care of multiple analyses at once will be added. This work in addition to visualizations for pos, ner, and dependency parse trees is expected to be completed by the end of Sprint 3 on March 7th. This is also when the team will be preforming user testing in class.

Week 4 docs

Sprint 1 Burndown

Link to the Sprint 1 burndown chart can be found here on Google Drive.

Enjoy the rest of your week! @JPetes