Team Blog

This is where team members will come to share their stories about what they are working on so you can get an indepth look at the inner workings of Team Rain Delay.

Mark - 1/15/08

We have gotten our Requirements Document started and are looking to get a good amount of feedback from our sponsors at our meeting today.  Also, I have started moving over a copy of the current Emergency Services Directory to our team account.  I am still in the process of configuring our account to run ASP.NET and it will take some time until a test version of the Directory is up and running in our sandbox development environment.  Once this is completed we can get our hands into the code and start working on improvements and new functionality for the website.

Mark - 12/13/07

After a few minor setbacks getting the team website ready I have finally gotten it online and ready for use.  I'm testing out our blogging feature right now to see if I want to change how it works.