Project Synopsis

Our team has been assigned the function of taking a previous project, the EMS Online Directory, to the next level.  We have decided that project tasks will fall under one of two categories site improvements, including changes for usability and superior engineering, and feature additions, which are all-new touches that will allow the directory to be used in new and exciting ways.  Our preliminary development plan is to focus on improvements first, as these will be immediately valuable to users, while simultaneously giving us a means to get acquainted with the project environment.  We will then gradually transition to prioritized feature development.   By weighting feature development toward the second half of the project, we will have more time to propose and design the features.  This also reduces the impact of schedule slippages, since cutting the lowest-priority add-ons will have a much lighter impact than cutting essential improvements.

Meetings will be held weekly with our sponsors on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm, while team meetings will be held Thursdays at 4 pm, and additionally as needed.  Responsibilities have been divided in the following team roles:  Kevin Tarchenski will serve as Team Lead, responsible for project planning, scheduling meetings, and communicating with project sponsors; TJ Wasik will serve as Development Lead, spearheading implementation and coding efforts; Orlando Medina will serve as Test Lead, coordinating and organizing testing efforts; and Mark Gehan will serve as Documentation Lead and Webmaster, keeping track of deliverables and running the team website.