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Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Samuel Malachowsky

Hello, and welcome to Samuel Malachowsky's academic profile. As a career-long Project Manager, I'm passionate about process and project management and how they can provide practical and real R.O.I. in today's software development environments.

Project Team Leadership and Communication Book by Samuel Malachowsky

I'm excited to announce the publication of my textbook, Project Team Leadership and Communication! It's designed for students and business professionals who are entering into their first project leadership role. Chapters cover the basics of leadership, team dynamics, project fundamentals/management, project communication, some common pitfalls to avoid, and a practical discussion of up-and-coming Agile methods.

You can check out the details on the information page on the publisher's website. Using Amazon's "look inside" feature, you can preview a fair amout of the book - check it out.

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My New Textbook: Project Team Leadership and Communication External Link

Announcing the publication of my textbook, Project Team Leadership and Communication.

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Darwin: A Static Analysis Dataset of Malicious and Benign Android Apps External Link

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The Android platform comprises the vast majority of the mobile market. Unfortunately, Android apps are not immune to issues that plague conventional software including security vulnerabilities, bugs, and permission-based problems. In order to address these issues, we need a better understanding of the apps we use everyday. Over the course of more than a year, we collected and reverse engineered 64,868 Android apps from the Google Play store as well as 1,669 malware samples collected from several sources. Each app was analyzed using several static analysis tools to collect a variety of quality and security related information. The apps spanned 41 different categories, and constituted a total of 576,174 permissions, 39,780 unique signing keys and 125,159 over-permissions. We present the dataset of these apps, and a sample set of analytics, on our website with the option of downloading the dataset for offline evaluation. (Nuthan Munaiah, Casey Klimkowsky, Shannon McRae, Adam Blaine, Samuel A. Malachowsky, Cesar Perez, and Daniel E. Krutz; Conference Paper, 2016-11-14)

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SWEN 350

SWEN 350 – Software Process and Product Quality External Link

This course covers advanced topics in software engineering relating to software quality, with processes and metrics being viewed as a means to achieving quality. Quality is interpreted broadly to include product functionality and performance, project schedule and budget, and business objectives. Software metrics help a software organization on two main fronts: quality assessment of its products and processes, and process improvement towards its main goal: the production of successful software artifacts within schedule and budget constraints. (Prerequisites: SWEN 256, STAT 205, One Co-Op Completed; Offered: Fall Semester )
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