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Project Synopsis
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Project Synopsis

Webster Financial is looking to obtain a WYSIWYG test case editor to be used by business analysts to create, view, and edit test cases that are defined in XML files. The purpose of this senior project is to create an initial version of this software, Webster Visualize. Webster Visualize needs to convert properly formatted XML test cases into an easy to understand graphical format, as well as start a new test case file. Webster Visualize will need to allow a user to add, remove, and adjust the information in the graphical representation of each test case, and save that representation back into an XML format. The test cases must be able to be saved to a disk as well as into a remote database. In addition to defining test cases, the user should be able to indicate that groups of test cases are all part of the same test suite, and provide that information to the remote database when saving.

The primary concerns of Webster Financial are that the software provides repeatable results, is useable by a typical daily Microsoft Word or Visio user with a minimal learning curve, and able to be easily extended by future developers.

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May 23 2008