Dec 11 2007

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  • We need to start hammering out details on our process selection, including how we will keep backlogs, meeting notes, and how this information is distributed.
  • Synopsis is good for a first pass.
  • Oracle may be an option for development, but it has a notoriously complex install and configuration process. There is no need to commit to a database backend yet.
  • The following quality attributes were identified for this project, most important to least:
    -Extendability -- The tool will be expanded (schema is a living document) (highest priority)
    -Modifiability (second priority)
    -Availability (third)
    -Reliability -- Auto-save/recovery in case application programming (second lowest)
    -Security (no priority, below reliability)
  • The following metrics need to be tracked for the duration of the project:
    -Defect Density (defects per release)
    -Time spent per module (module-based timekeeping)
  • A list of issues should be present on the website
  • Need to identify a good, free XML editor. XML notepad 2007 was identified.
  • Tasks for next meeting
    -Mark will ensure that Brian has the resources to install Oracle on WS2k3 server
    -Rob will send customer team URL
    -Come up with preliminary feature set list and have customer rank the features
    -Mark will set up website
    -Customer will provide database schema document and XSD

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