Project Synopsis


ALSTOM Signaling Inc., formally General Railway Signal Company, has been in the business of providing real-time, safety critical process control systems to the railroads and transit systems around the world for 100 years.  The ALSTOM software project is a modernization of a system that semi-automatically converts Boolean Logic expressions to one of three formats used in the industry to document relay drawings.  The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) of the US Department of Transportation dictates that a set of detailed plans (AKA ‘Book of Plans’) for the operation and maintenance of signal control equipment must be located on-site at each location of control equipment.


The current Relay Equivalent Drawing Program is written in the C programming language utilizing an INTERGRAPH CAD system.  The new system shall modernize the existing one, improving the system documentation, algorithms, and reusability.  There is hope that some components may be able to be incorporated into other computer aided design systems used by ALSTOM.  The new system shall utilize the same input files and produce similar output files; however, it shall not require the use of a commercial CAD system to produce this output.  The relay drawings (output) can be directly printed to be included in the ‘Book of Plans’.

Team Silver Bullet +

RIT Software Engineering Senior Project 2004-05

Relay Equivalent Drawing Program