Project Description

Information & Technology Services updated the Student Information Service this past year, which is the system that allows students to access their class schedule and choose their classes. The new system offers many improvement over the old system, but is still missing some crucial functionality. Student Government sent out a survey asking students what functionality they would like to see added. The biggest requests were; the ability to export the class schedule to Google Calendar/iCal, and the ability to view class locations on the RIT map.

Team will add this desired functionality to the SIS system through a satellite service. This service will be accessed via the new student gateway and will handle authentication through the campus' central shibboleth authentication. The student gateway will be created by ITS and will act as an API, allowing the new satellite service to access information from SIS and other desired services. The service will be developed with mobile devices in mind, working well on small form factors and desktops. It will also be designed to be easily extendable to accommodate future feature requests.

The final website will be deployed, hosted, and maintained by ITS. will make the appropriate documentation in order to ensure the handoff is smooth.