Project Description

With smoking being the leading cause of preventable deaths, there is a need for resources and programs to aid those who wish to quit. Smoking Cessation is an app meant to do just that by allowing for users to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help them identify habits and triggers that encourage smoking and overcome or avoid them.

Smoking Cessation attempts to collect information in an intuitive manner weeks before a user begins their pathway to abstinence. With this data, helpful information and alerts are delivered to the user over time to remind them of their progress and where to move next. By relying upon mobile platforms, live data allows for the app to strive for "just in time intervention," or catching someone before they light the cigarette.

SC's initial release will be on the Android platform for the general public. Future goals will include adding support for all major mobile devices as well as adding a complementary app that will allow psychologists to support patients' progress.

Four people worked on this project: Nick McCurdy (nickmccurdy), John Deeney (johndeeney), Michael Dirmyer (dir1993), and Michael Kenworthy (mrk3767). The following is a screenshot of the GitHub contributors page from after the team parted ways.