Project: Paetec Product Catalog Editor
Document Type: Agenda
Date: 12-09-08
Time: 4:15 6:00
Total Time (minutes) 105
Location: Paetec building
Attendees: Phillip Schmitte, Tom Sheppard, Joseph Plourde, Mark Chadbourne, Robert Marinaro, Erika Mesh, Neil Hauser
Note Taker: Robert Marinaro
Moderator: Erika Mesh

Agenda Tasks

Id Task Speaker/Leader Outcome Time (minutes)
1 Changes to agenda Erika/Team Final Agenda 5
2 TBD Erika Familiarize team w/Paetec environment 30-60
3 Present website Team Website is presented 5-10
4 Review project charter Team Charter is refined 10-20
5 Questions Team Better understanding of requirements/operations 10-20


1 We would like to know sooner rather than later whether the project will be web-based or a desktop application.

2 Who are the users of this product? Will we be able to speak with them?