Team Spy Penguins Weekly Report


Major Deliverables


-        Initial version is complete, it will evolve as the project goes on, but the currently required content is up and running

Project Charter:

-        Completed and approved by sponsors

Project Plan:

-        Initial revision is complete, additions/subtractions will be made and once again the document will evolve as project progresses


Major Accomplishments

-Met with Erika and Neil at Paetec and received a demo of the tools currently in use for their product catalogs

-We have some basic requirements already that we have gathered from meetings with Erika and Neil.

-Requirements, Work on MS Project Schedule, SRS, and BRS are all topics for our Sunday December 14, 2008 meeting.



-Nailing down whether the system will be a web application or a desktop application*

- Accessing and utilizing new tools (especially Blueprint, less so MS Project)

- Accessing Paetec information packet and utilizing its contents to better understand the project and its desired output



*Note: That we are still making a list of pros and cons for each type of application and should have it ironed out this week.