Defect ID Status Description Subsystem Class Severity (1-5, 1 being highest) Owner
D-1 Completed Can select same product catalog as many times as you want on the main screen UI CatFlowViewPlug 3 Joe
D-2 Completed Hierarchy is lost when some screens are shown UI ScreenManager 2 Joe
D-3 Completed An error is thrown when trying to save, or create entities. This causes other things to break. Entity Management EntityManager 1 Tom
D-4 Completed On all popup there seems to be a bug with the title always being product catalog. UI Throughout 4 Joe
D-5 Deffered The names in the tree can be edited, however it is just a cosmetic issue UI ProdCatTreePanel 5 Joe
D-6 Completed Main screen panel sizing needs to be fixed UI CatFlowViewPlug 4 Joe
D-6  Completed New Catalog on main screen does not work UI CatFlowViewPlug 3 Joe
D-7 Completed UI When moving back to main screen and then pressing New Catalog and then press View brings up select one catalog to view with a text box UI CatFlowViewPlug 1 Joe
D-8 Completed Fix the version Text Field UI Most Views 4 Joe
D-9 Completed Schema information is not saved in xml files XMLPersistence XMLHandler 3 Tom
D-10 Completed next id information not being set XMLPersistence XMLHandler 2 Tom
D-11 Completed files of entities that have been edited to not get overwritten XMLPersistence FileCommunicator 2 Tom
D-12 Completed FileCommunicator does not handle case where there is no existing data in file system XMLPersistence FileCommunicator 1 Mark
D-13 Completed UI throws exception if there are no product catalogs in the system UI Undetermined 1 Rob/Joe
D-14 Completed Creating an attribute does not fill in the required result object before saving Entity Management EntityManager 2 Phil
D-15 Completed Attempting to view a previously created product throws an exception UI Undetermined 1 Rob/Joe
D-16 Completed Attempting to edit a newly created feature throws an exception UI Undetermined 1 Rob/Joe
D-17 Completed combo boxes in feature and attribute need to be set to defaults UI Undetermined 3 Tom
D-18 Completed when creating a new attribute, the information for the first attribute was displayed Entity Management EntityManager 2 Phil
D-19 Deffered resizing the window clears any information that has been entered UI Undetermined 3 Joe
D-20 Completed only 12 catalogs are able to be added to the view list on the main screen, only 9 are able to be viewed in full UI Undetermined 3 Joe