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Xerox Confluence Wiki SQL Plugin

Xerox uses Confluence Wiki to help organize their project related communications and information artifacts. They use Bob Swift's SQL plugin to embed external database information in wiki pages as well as generating data for charting on the wiki. Currently developers use a separate tool to manipulate the database tables and views. They would like the plugin to allow them to edit, insert, and delete database information through wiki pages.

Xerox has asked us to develop an extension for the plugin which would provide them with the basic functionality to perform row operations on queries that are embedded in wiki pages. Time permitting the project might include multi-row operations, advanced data type support, and table scrolling. Another major feature, time permitting, is user-specific database sessions. Currently the plugin uses a single identity provided in a configuration file when performing database operations. The user-specific sessions would allow the plugin to connect the user's identity with the operations they perform.

The extension to the plugin will be written in Java. It is intended to work with MySQL and Oracle 10g database servers. It must work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on Windows XP and Firefox on Solaris.

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