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What Went Well

  • daily work schedule went well 
  • pair-programming
  • sprint planning, interactions with product owner
  • solid refactoring of sql-plugin and architecture in place to support future functionality
  • jQuery, Velocity templating
  • team dynamics
  • stuck to sprint goal

What Didn't Go So Well

  • productivity disrupted by admin tasks and department responsibilities (presentation)
  • estimation
  • lack of documentation on almost everything
  • netbeans issues (CVS)
  • development environment
  • integrating testing tools with atlassian framework

Things To Improve

  • estimating, more detailed task definition 
  • sprint time / capacity distribution
  • remove explicit "roles" -- not really followed anyway just assumed
  • do admin activities outside of scrum time
  • pairprogramming vs. group? (pairs will be located close but with some separation)
  • staying on top of charts
  • acceptance tests, test case documentation
  • integration testing HttpUnit

Retrospective Notes / Comments

  • Our plugin has turned into a separate plugin that is uniquely different then SQL Plugin (different parameters, totally different usage [servlets] and UI, larger and more complex)
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