This page last changed on Mar 19, 2009 by pwy4104.

Things that went well

  • WebRowSet
  • Provisions for future user stories
  • New schedule works better (more larger blocks)
  • Progress
  • Estimation and time tracking
  • Mediocre weekend meeting
  • IE support (surprised to get it in)
  • Gooooaaaal
  • Large refactoring
  • Connection cleanups
  • Overall test coverage

Things that did not go well

  • Minor annoyances with WebRowSet (Oracle exception handling, MySQL "conflicts", syncresolver)
  • Javascript unit tests
  • Internet Explorer
  • Date columns
  • Special characters in IE

Future Improvements?

  • Tests for HTML in the DB
  • Decide between Bob Swift integration or standalone (feelings are separation is better)
    • If separate we need to confirm they can both be installed in a single confluence instance
  • Build Javascript testing system
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