This following exercise will not in any way contribute to your final grade. We're using it simply to gauge the basic programming expertise of the students in this course.


Using a language of your choice write a clean, clear program to solve the following problem. Your program should represent your highest quality work possible within the time constraints.

For the integers in the range 1 to 100 inclusive, print one line per integer:

  1. If the integer is divisible by 5, print the string "Fizz"
  2. If the integer is divisible by 7, print the string "Buzz"
  3. If the integer if divisible by both 5 and 7, print the string "FizzBuzz"
  4. In all other cases, print the integer itself.
When you are done, submit your program to myCourses or to your Git repository as required by your instructor. Refer to the Git Intro activity if submitting to your repository.
If you are not done in 20 minutes, simply submit whatever you have at that point.