C Practice Practicum 1

Fill in the code in cpractice1.c and fill out the activity journal. You will not have to do a journal on the actual practicum.


Download  cpractice1.zip. Follow the submit instructions in the zip. A Makefile is included for your convenience.

You do not need to run the program itself.

Run the make by simply typing make:

Run the unit tests (all unit tests MUST pass for full credit):

Recommended Approach

Complete the functions in this order:

  1. skip_spaces
  2. find_next_word
  3. change_to_upper
  4. capitialize_all_words
  5. fix_bad_code


ASCII Code Chart for change_to_upper function (opens in new tab)

Activity Journal

This is optional but recommended: Fill out the ActivityJournal_CPractice.txt that is in the zip file and submit that with your cpractice1.c file.

Submission (optional)

Place your completed cpractice1.c and ActivityJournal_CPractice.txt files in a directory named Cpractice1 at the top level of your git repo.