Document Analysis Project in C Part 2

This second part of the project builds upon the set of library functions from part 1. Implement the functions in the order specified below. You are required to submit your code after completing each function. An extensive set of unit tests is included along with a Makefile.

Development process

Unit Testing Notes

The zip file contains all of the files you need for the unit tests. These text files (empty.txt, one_word.txt, five_words.txt, and MLK_dream_excerpt.txt) must not be changed. The unit tests use these file to test your code.

Running the unit tests

Development Tips

Overall Evaluation



The following update zip file has the solution (as an object file) for part 1 linked_list_functions with a Makefile that uses that object file. It also has a version of the analysis.c file that has the file I/O code provided. You can copy the file I/O code into your analysis.c file if you have already started updating analysis.c. If not just rename the analysis_with_file_io.c to analysis.c and start implementing your code in that file.


Place your completed analysis.c, linked_list_functions.c, unit_tests_student.c, and ActivityJournal.txt files in a directory named analysis_part2 at the top level of your git repo.

NOTE: Submit your final version of the linked_list_functions.c file from Part 1. In most cases this will be the same as your Part 1 submission. You may find errors in this code during Part 2 development. This will not improve your Part 1 grade. Be very careful to not change the original design of the linked_list_functions from Part 1.