For this activity, work with a partner.

Each group will submit a Microsoft Project file to the appropriate Dropbox.

Make sure everyone's last name appears within the file as well as on the comments submission in MyCourses.

You need not be a Microsoft Project guru to complete this activity, but you may want to familiarize yourself with the basic features of Microsoft Project to avoid wasting time.

To get started try a few sample entries and see if you can create/differentiate between Phases (Summary Tasks), Tasks and Milestones by means of indentation or manipulation of task duration (e.g. zero length).

If you get stuck and need additional help refer to the resources or search the web.


  1. From as best as you can remember, create a work breakdown structure for your SWEN 261/361 project. (If not all team members did the same project, choose one.)
  2. Organize it using a product-based WBS; that is identifying deliverables and the tasks required to produce them.
  3. Start with a high level set of releases and then decompose them into more specific deliverables.
  4. Use Microsoft Project to create a network diagram/Gantt Chart that shows the dependencies between tasks and their corresponding milestones.
  5. Assign resources based on a team of four or five, including the names of your current team members.
  6. Ignoring the course "target" release dates. Go back and play "what-if" with the schedule. For example, could you perform certain tasks in parallel to better make use of your resources?
  7. Create a separate task called "Thoughts and Conclusions" and, in the Notes section of that task, capture your thoughts/conclusions about the use of this tool and how it may have influenced the process if you had used it for the 261/361 project.