Cert Activity


The goal of today is to learn some useful stories about insider threat from case studies.


This activity is for groups of n/5 people, where n is the number students in the class. Groups are assigned by your table. Create a Presentation in GoogleDocs, and share it with the course instructor.


  1. The CERT organization has put together a number of insider threat case studies, found here. These fall under the following sectors: Your instructor will assign sectors to groups.
  2. As a group, review the report and discuss the findings. What surprised you?
  3. Prepare an informal, 6-8 minute, 2-3 slide presentation on your sector. One person may present, or multiple people - your choice. Here are some ideas:
    • Discuss specific incidents. Tell an interesting story you read.
    • Provide interesting statistics from the report.
    • What are the motivations that insiders have in this domain?
    • How might this domain be different from other domains?
    • How technically sophisticated were the attacks?

Submission & Grading

Submit the final document to the appropriate dropbox. All team members must submit and put their names on the document.