Team System Design


The purpose of the activity is for your team to put everything you've learned thus far together into one system.

You will design a large-scale grading system from scratch.


This activity is for groups of 4-6 people. Your instructor will assign teams.


  1. For this exercise, your team is in charge of designing and planning the development of a secure system for storing student grading records at a university of about 15,000 students. Think of it as a simple implemenation of RIT's grading system with the Registrar. If you have questions about the specific functionality of the system, please ask your instructor. Some basic requirements are:
    1. Instructors and school admins should be able to alter grades for a given course currently being offered.
    2. Instructors should be able to view grades of their students.
    3. School admins should be able to view the grades of any student.
    4. Students may view only their own grades.
    5. The system should be web based.
    6. The system should account for user management.
      1. Changing firstname, lastname, address etc.
      2. Change password
      3. Forgot password
    7. An external source adds instructors, students, along with creating and populating courses.
    8. Student grades are emailed, and physically mailed at the conclusion of the course.
  2. Your team is in charge of:
    1. Picture your team as the people who are making this product. Assign roles and responsibilities to each person
    2. Develop several abuse & misuse cases. Rate them as "probable", "unlikely", "highly unlikely".
    3. Creating a set of high level system and security procedures and requirements for the system.
    4. If you have time, make a rough sketch of the system using the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool.

Submission & Grading

Share your documents with the instructor on Google Drive. All team members must submit and put their names on the document. Participation is what counts here - you have a very short period of time so use your time wisely.