1. Project website holding all non-proprietary work products and project artifacts maintained in the se.rit.edu domain. If for some reason, you are hosting project artifacts outside of the department domain, a static image must also be maintained in the department domain.
  2. Project plan, schedule and process methodology definition prepared by the end of week 4 of the first term.
  3. Domain model for the project prepared by the end of week 4 of the first term.
  4. Weekly four-up chart reviewed at beginning of meeting with coach.
  5. Tracking report for time/effort worked by each team member and the team aggregrate updated on the project website weekly. Tracking report for at least two product/process metrics appropriate to the project and development methodology updated on the project website at least every two weeks.
  6. Make interim status and final project presentations. Attend presentations given by other teams and provide constructive feedback on their presentations.
  7. Project poster and presentation at "Software Engineering Project Day" in conjunction with the department's annual Industrial Advisory Board meeting.
  8. Project technical report
  9. Interim and final team self-assessments
  10. Post-mortem summary of the final reflection meeting discussions
  11. At the conclusion of the project, delivery to the department of all project artifacts.
  12. Each team member completes a Software Engineering Program Senior survey