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Project Synopsis

JP Morgan uses a variety of programming languages, scripting languages, and user interfaces. Their models are usually implemented in higher-level languages and are often prototyped in Microsoft Excel. Their core pricing analytics, however, are written in C and C++. Linking these C/C++ libraries to Excel can be a tricky and time-consuming process when performed manually.

An open-source tool called SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) will be used to solve the problem. SWIG is an interface compiler that connects libraries written in C and C++ to other languages, such as Ruby and Python. This project's goal is to create a SWIG extension for Excel as one does not currently exist. There is also an additional requirement to create an object repository that is accessible by Excel, so that references to complex C and C++ objects and structures can be stored in an Excel spreadsheet.


Our documentation, including the project plan, risk management plan, and activity tracker, is being stored on the project wiki.

About Us

Team Swiggles is a senior project team in the Software Engineering program at RIT. It is comprised of Beekey Cheung, Scott Flynn, Michael Ho, David Osolkowski, and Steven Schutzman.

Our sponsors at JP Morgan are Stephen Hutsal, Anthony Heading, and Jeremy Edman.