Project Synopsis

Wegmans Organic Farm and Orchard in Canandaigua is a functioning and productive farm where best practices and methods in modern farming are put to the test. Day to day activities on the farm are managed largely through excel spreadsheets and paper-trails. The team will create farm management software. The goal is to streamline data-entry and create an easily accessible history of previously completed plantings and harvests. With existing historical data and mathematical formulas, the software will be able to provide users with yield projections for various plots of land and crops.
The software will capture data from the entire lifecycle of crop-plantings on the farm. Data points of interest at this time include, crop, date of planting, plot location, number of beds, materials used during growth (i.e. a spray or treatment), yield amount, harvest date, quality, final case count, and sales and distributions. This data will be sortable, searchable, and potentially visualized in for optimized readability. Additional features may include seed and material calculations when planning a new crop-planting, the ability to record notes and documentation about planting practices, a task list generated by current planting plans and labor standards, tracking labor hours on the farm, and any others the sponsor may think of.
Key non-functional requirements for this project include data management and traceability, accessibility due to varying levels of literacy with technology among users, and a streamlined user experience to provide maximum efficiency when using the software.

The Team

Luke Harrold

Courtney McGorrill

Colton Venditto

Derick Yung