Inclusive Mobile Apps

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STAAR is a novel reading system that enables Individuals with Blindness or Severe Visual Impairment (IBSVI) to have equivalent spatial reading experience to their sighted counterparts, in terms of being able to engage in different reading strategies e.g. scanning, skimming, and active reading.

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Digital Inpainting

In this project, we have developed an automatic digital inpainting system that enables the user to choose between two complementary approaches. The first is based on the solution of partial differential equation of isophote intensity to fill-in missing portions in the region under consideration, while the second is based on texture inpainting. The filling-in process is automatically done in regions containing completely different structures, textures, and surrounding backgrounds.

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He sits and randomly talks to himself. Then, when someone passes by, he greets them, and tells them something interesting, as long as they're standing there. If the person leaves, Wheatley will sound disappointed. If at any point, Wheatley got knocked down, he will want to get back upright again! So, he will cry out for help, for someone to pick him up, and place him upright. If you pass by him in his tilted state, he will ask you to pick him up. Once picked up, he gives a note of thanks. Below are several behaviors and how they map to sensors:
• when someone passes by: The ultrasonic sensors detect some object that is closer than last time the sensor checked
• when someone leaves: The ultrasonic sensors detect some object that is farther than last time the sensor checked
• tilted/knocked down: the tilt sensor reports that it was tilted, with potential support from the accelerometer
• picked up: different Z values from gravity from the accelerometer
• set down: stronger Z values, more than the force of gravity, from the accelerometer

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