PCR System

The ITS PCR Tool will be used to manage, communicate, and filter changes within the ITS infrastructure environment. Change management procedures will be regulated by this tool to ensure that any changes being made to production environments will follow an auditing process. This will ensure that the appropriate people affected by the change will be notified and involved in the process.

The ITS PCR Tool being built will be replacing an existing ITS PCR Tool. Software components from the existing tool will not be used and the tool is being entirely rebuilt. Essentially, the new ITS PCR Tool being developed is aiming to improve upon the existing tool from a variety of standpoints. In addition to implementing the core functionality that the existing ITS PCR Tool provided, the new ITS PCR tool will be focusing on:

  • Improving usability
  • Increasing performance
  • Implementing new features
  • Correcting defects found in existing tool