Team Zamboni Drive-By

In today's business world both the needs of employees and a global marketplace have created a demand for telecommuting. In an effort to save money and office space, MITRE has developed "hotel offices", where as an employee you would "check-in" in the morning, and "check-out" at the end of the day. Unfortunately, as a side effect, your daily office ends up feeling sterile, lacking the personality of a personal office. Team Zamboni Drive-By is designing a solution to this problem with a person identifying system that will establish identity automatically using an employee's badge. From this, or any other sensor that adheres to our interface, a personalized interactive dashboard will be generated. The dashboard will host a range of customized widgets, using Google's OpenSocial API. Widget behavior will range from the personal, like digital photo frames; to the productive, like to-do lists. The system also provides support for multi-user widgets and flexible UI options, though these will not be expanded upon thoroughly in the delivered product.

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