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Student Self-Audit

Are you on track with your program requirements? Need to know which classes to register for? We recommend following these steps to audit your progress each quarter. As always, contact your academic advisor with any questions!

To conduct a Self-Audit:

  1. On SIS, access your Academic Advising Report (Miscellaneous > Academic Advising).
  2. Download your curriculum flowchart.
  3. Check off completed courses on your flowchart. Use the resources listed below for help.
    • TIP: Don't forget Ethics, Economics and Wellness requirements.
  4. Use the Program Planning Sheet to plot out when you plan to take future courses.
  5. Contact your academic advisor with questions!

Self-Audit Tool Box

Liberal Arts Core Requirements
Calculus Sequence Flow Chart
RIT Minors (may take a few seconds to load)
Transfer Credit Info (Registrar's Office)
Schedule Maker
Study Abroad
Work Abroad