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BS/MS SE & Computing Security

We offer an accelerated BS/MS program in Software Engineering/Computing Security. This program is for undergraduate students who wish to earn a BS in Software Engineering and an MS in Computing Security. A student accepted into this program will be able to take up to three graduate courses (9 credit hours) in Computing Security and apply them to both the BS and MS degree requirements.

In general, any three graduate courses in the CSEC MS program will be acceptable to be counted toward both awards. For example, the following three core courses can be double-counted toward the SE Security Application Domain and the MS in Computing Security:

CSEC-601 Research Methods & Proposal Devel (3 Credits)
CSEC-603 Enterprise Security (3 Credits)
CSEC-604 Cryptography and Authentication (3 Credits)

This three-course overlap will give students the opportunity to complete both degrees in six calendar years, given careful planning and execution. Our typical advising strategy is to count all three CSEC graduate courses toward application domain, so students should plan accordingly.

To be considered for admission into this program, students will need at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA, have at least third year standing, and must have attended RIT for at least two terms. Students are required to maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to stay in the program. Admission to the program is decided jointly by the SE department and the CSEC department, and bridge course requirements will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Students should also consult the MS in Computing Security:

Students interested in this program should use a Change of Program form. We encourage students to wait until at least the end of their second year at RIT before making this request, but should also take their course enrollment choices into account as early as possible.

For further questions, contact your advisor or Prof. Meneely.