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CIR Experience

Creative, Innovative & Research Activities

Students may substitute one summer term of creative, innovative or research (SE CIR) activities related to software engineering for a traditional co-op experience.

Examples of SE CIR activities include:

  • Contributing to research projects
  • Supervised participation in entrepreneurial activities
  • Cross-disciplinary innovation projects not otherwise eligible for co-op

Students will follow a structured application process prior to registering for the course. They will submit a plan of work that outlines the proposed activities, defines tangible goals and deliverables, and identifies a person (faculty member, business contact, etc.) who will provide oversight throughout the term. At the conclusion of the term, students will follow an assessment process similar to that used for traditional co-op.

The student must have completed one block of traditional co-op (SWEN-499) before
starting a SE CIR experience. SE CIR credit will not be given for any work performed prior
to completing the first co-op block.

SE CIR Guidelines

SE CIR Approval Form