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Facilities & Labs

The department provides a variety of facilities where students collaborate on projects, polish their skills, and consult with faculty. Outfitted with the latest hardware and software technology, our facilities reflect our commitment to teamwork, interactive learning, and professional education.


Software Engineering Department Facilities


Studio Labs

Studio labs

All but a small number of Software Engineering courses are taught in our studio labs. Designed to increase student-instructor interaction, these labs enable students to understand complex concepts through an innovative combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. Each studio lab has enough computing power to enable each student to participate in both individual and team activities.

Team Rooms

Student team rooms

Students use the team rooms to conduct team meetings, rehearse presentations, review projects and plan activities. Equipped with generous whiteboard space, a meeting table, and comfortable seating for six, our 11 team rooms are an integral part of our team-oriented philosophy. Each room features a computer workstation and either a ceiling-mounted projector or large-screen monitor. While members of our Senior Project teams can reserve a Team Room for group meetings, students who have classes meeting at the same time as Senior Project have priority to use the Team Rooms.


SE Collaboration Lab (CoLab), GOL 1650

This lab is a center for collaboration between students. It is open 7 days a week, and is available to all software engineering majors and students taking SE courses when it is not being used to teach classes. The lab is outfitted with 21 workstations, 5 42" LCD screens, 10 laptop spaces, a projector, and several mobile whiteboards. It is an ideal working space for project teams when they work on implementing software solutions to their projects.

Lab Hours: M-F: 9-12; Sat & Sun: 11-12, when classes are in session

Realtime Lab

Real-time and embedded systems, GOL 1640

Computing today is not restricted to your desktop computer. Printers, cell phones, and life-support systems are examples of systems that could not operate without reliable software. Building real-time and embedded systems in this lab will help you learn about one of the fastest-growing fields in computing. Courses in Applied Cryptography, with an emphasis on performance and hardware/software co-design, are also taught in this space.

Projects Lab

Projects lab, GOL 1570

Designed as a flexible area, this lab is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our graduate students, including PhD students whose advisors are SE faculty members. Senior projects that require space to set up specialized hardware work in this lab along with students working on independent study and research projects with SE faculty members. The lab also contains a meeting area where faculty can meet with their research teams.