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Graduating Student Information

Are you an undergraduate student who is graduating soon? Below is information regarding Senior Project, Commencement, and the Order of the Engineer Ceremony.

Fall-Spring Senior Project Dates 2018-2019
Expectations TalkJanuary 14Slaughter 2150
How to Make a PosterMarch 5Gosnell A300
Team PresentationsApril 16Golisano 1400
 April 18Slaughter A205
 April 23Golisano 1400
 April 25Golisano 1400
Interim PresentationsApril 29Golisano 1400


Spring-Summer Senior Project Dates 2018-2019

Dates to be announced soon!

Scheduling Interim Presentations for Spring-Summer Senior Projects

It is time to schedule the interim presentations. All three teams will present on Monday, April 29, in GOL-1400. The schedule for the presentations is on the myCourses senior project community homepage.

The presentations will run from 5:00 - 6:15pm. Each presentation is 25 minutes, including setup and questions. As we do with all of the senior project presentations, we will stream the presentations.

Check if a particular time is more convenient for your project sponsor. Make your request for times by posting a message in the Interim Presentation Request discussion forum. Include the times that would work, your team name, and your project sponsor. Times are assigned in the order in which requests were made as indicated by myCourses ordering of the requests in the forum. There will also be a preference given to accommodate sponsors who are traveling to Rochester to attend their team's presentation. When requests are processed, the informaiton will be put on the homepage schedule and the request will move to the processed forum. Before making your request, check the homepage schedule and any pending requests in the request forum to determine the times that are still available.

The request forum is open now. We should work to get the presentations scheduled by the end of March.

If you have any questions, contact your faculty coach or Professor Malachowsky.

Spring-Summer Senior Project: Closing Out the First Term

There are a number of things that each team needs to do to close out senior project for this first term:

  1. Prepare your interim presentation. The presentation evaluation rubric is available in the Senior Project myCourses community Content area. Look at it carefully. You are being asked to cover a lot of material in 21 minutes. To accomplish this, you will have to structure your presentation carefully by selecting important areas for emphasis, and delivering details to support the story you want to tell, but at the same time cover the required information.
  2. Give your presentation. The timing of the presentations will be strictly controlled. Each team has 25 minutes including setup and questions and answers. You will have 21 minutes for your presentation, followed by a three minute period for questions. The moderator will warn you of five minutes to go 16 minutes into your talk, and two minutes to go at the 19 minute mark. If you run over time, the moderator will interrupt you and ask you to stop.
  3. Attend all of the interim presentations. Complete interim presentation evaluation surveys for these presentations by Wednesday, May 1, at 11:59pm. During all presentations, the audience area is an electronic device distration-free zone. Paper copies of the evaluation surveys will be available for you to take notes that you later enter into the online survey. The presentation evaluation survey will be active at the end of the presentations for that day. Links to the surveys, along with links to the presentation streams, are available on the presentations webpage.
  4. Your faculty coach would like to create a peer evaluation survey for you to complete. Discuss with you faculty coach what his or her intentions are for a peer evaluation.
  5. Prepare the Interim Self-Assessment. Schedule the reflection meeting with your faculty coach during finals week. Invite your sponsor to attend.
  6. Hold the interim reflection meeting. The team runs this meeting to reflect on the project, and discuss what went right and wrong up to this point. The meeting does not need to follow every item in the Self-Assessment that you complete. Your faculty coach can provide additional guidance for how he or she would like you to run this meeting. After the meeting, deliver a written summary of the meeting to your faculty coach.
  7. Commit to a project deliverable that the team will complete no later than the end of week two of the second term of senior project. This will ensure that project momentum picks right up at the start of the second term.
  8. Complete a standard course evaluation for the Senior Project course. This will be an evaluation of your faculty coach. You can also provide any comments on your project sponsor in that evaluation.

After all of this, have a good break, the few days that it is. Be ready to come back from break and bring your project to a successful completion during the second term of senior project. If you have any questions about finishing the first term of senior project, do not hesitate to ask your coach or Professor Malachowsky.

Senior Project: Posters Due/Presentations
  • Here is a Project Timeline for the 14-week terms. You can use this for your planning for the remainder of senior project.
  • The How to Make a Poster session will be on Tuesday, March 5, at 5:00pm in Gosnell A300. This is a required all-hands meeting. The presentation will last 35 - 40 minutes. If you meet your project sponsor on Tuesdays, you will need to delay the start of your meeting that day. Your poster files will be due by 11:59pm on Monday, April 15. More information will follow with submission instructions.
  • Your poster presentation to the faculty and SE Industrial Advisory Board members will be Thursday, April 25. At least two team members will need to be present throughout that period to talk about your project and answer questions. It does not need to be the same team members for the whole two hours. You can break it up into shifts.
  • Next week, your coach should put up mid-term peer evaluations for you to complete. You will do a mid-term project review the following week.
  • Shortly, we will decide on the schedule for final presentations which will be during the last two weeks of the term. Once the schedule days are set, requests for times will work the same as for the interim presentations. Our goal will be to have presentations scheduled before spring break or at the latest the week right after break.
Senior Poster File Submission

Senior Project and Graduating Student Information

On the Senior Project myCourses community homepage, there is a list of important dates leading up to the end of senior projects.

Your poster files are due at 11:59pm on Monday, April 15.

Look on this information page for the details about the poster. You will submit the several requested poster files (30"x40" pdf, 480x360 thumbnail JPEG, native original format) online. You can sftp to and deposit the files in /seniorbox/2185/posters/your-team-name, or direct copy them when logged into an SE department machine and you mount the directory, \\\seniorbox\2185\posters\your-team-name, where your-team-name is one of the directories. If you are connecting from outside the RIT network, you will either have to use public-key authentication (RSA or ED25519) or connect through the RIT VPN. Additional instructions are on that information page.

Senior Project Review Day

When the posters are printed, they will be ready for the review of your project. If you want to take a look at your poster (they all look like 40" x 30" versions of the PDF you submitted), let Professor Malachowsky know.

On Thursday evening, April 25, the review runs from 6:45 - 8:00pm in the atrium of our building. Be in the atrium at 6:25pm to do the setup. You will need two people from your team to be with the poster through the review period. It does not have to be the same two people the entire time. SE Industrial Advisory Board members and department faculty will stop to talk with you about your project. They will complete an evaluation of your project based on those discussions. You will probably also get others wandering through the atrium at that time stop to find out about your project.

Here is the timeline for the SE Senior Project Review:

6:25pm - Setup
6:45 - 8:00pm - Project Review
8:00 - 8:15pm - Cleanup
8:15pm - Senior Class Photo!

Scheduling Final Presentations

It is time to start thinking about scheduling final presentations. Presentations will be on the last four class days (April 16, April 18, April 23, April 25). Presentations will start at 4:25pm. The 25-minute presentations will continue with up to five per day until 6:30pm. You will request a presentation time the same way you did for your interim presentation in a discussion forum in myCourses. The myCourses senior project community homepage contains the information on the start times and the presentations scheduled to date.

Talk to your project sponsor about the best time to schedule your final presentation. The request forum will open at noon on Monday, March 4. In your timeslot request, indicate that you have confirmed this time with your project sponsor, your project sponsor will or will not physically attend the presentation, you requested a time when your project sponsor could not attend, but the sponsor would be able to attend at some times that were already reserved indicating the those times.

There are guidelines for your final presentation here.

Senior Project Demos

Senior project review with posters: Demos are encouraged, though not required. There are power strips around the planters in the atrium. If you are going to need power to run your demo, you'll want to try to position near a power strip, or at least within range of whatever power cord you have with you.

Final presentations: Demos are expected. Some teams do a live demo with all of the potential risks; other teams will pre-record the use of their project and provide live narrative while the demo video is playing.

Finishing Up Senior Project

After you complete it, make sure that all of your teammates and friends who are seniors have completed their Senior Exit Survey by Monday, May 6. The target is over an 85% response rate for a better lunch. The information that you provide is one of several important sources of data in our efforts to improve the program, and is an element of our continuous improvement process required to maintain ABET accreditation. You will need to find the email that your advisor sent to you about the senior exit survey to get the proper link.

Before you get to commencement, here is a checklist of things which you need to take care of to finish off your senior project:

  • Presentations will start on Tuesday, April 16. Look at the schedule posted on the Senior Project community myCourses homepage to see when you are scheduled to present, and which other day you are required to attend presentations. You are also required to attend the presentations on the other day the same week that you present. NOTE: the audience area during all presentations is an electronic-distraction-free zone. To show respect for your student colleagues presenting their senior project work, laptops, phones, etc, are not to be used during the presentations.
  • After attending the presentations, provide evaluation feedback to the teams. Links to the evaluation surveys are on this page. All the surveys are open until 11:59pm on Monday, April 30. After the surveys close, your faculty coach will provide you with the feedback.
  • Complete final peer evaluations. Your faculty coach will set these up and let you know how to access them.
  • Final Self-Assessment deposited in the dropbox in the myCourses community by Monday, April 29 at 11:59pm.
  • During finals week, each team member participates in a Final Reflection meeting with the faculty coach and possibly the project sponsor. 
  • Deliver a copy of all project artifacts, i.e. the equivalent of what you delivered to the project sponsor, by 4:30pm, Friday, May 3. You will deposit the artifacts in /seniorbox/2185/final-artifacts in a manner similar to how you delivered your poster files. Do not place any material in this area that your project sponsor has identified as confidential or proprietary.
  • Reflection Meeting Discussion Summary deposited in the dropbox in the myCourses site by Tuesday, May 7 at 11:59pm.
  • Technical report approved by your faculty coach, and deposited in the dropbox in myCourses site by Tuesday, May 7 at 11:59pm.
  • Again - complete the Senior Exit Survey!

This will then wrap up another cycle of senior projects.

Applying for Graduation 2018-2019

The deadline to apply for graduation is fast approaching. The deadline is April 1.

To apply for graduation:

  • Already applied? Great, skip to the next topic!
  • Login to SIS (
  • Choose “Apply for Graduation” from the dropdown
  • Follow the prompts to apply

To review your diploma name & mailing address:

  • Click the "My Academics" tab at the top of the screen
  • Select “View My Graduation Information”
  • IMPORTANT: Double-check your spelling - it's how it will appear on your diploma!

To review all things commencement-related

(convocation, commencement, cap & gown, reception and more):

Things to consider:

  • Your name will appear only once in the commencement book
  • You can only walk once
  • You can apply if you finish in the current academic year (fall, spring or summer)
Your Name in the Commencement Book

If you are participating in commencement, please double-check your name in the Commencement Book: If all looks correct, no additional action needed. Remember that this is exactly how your name will appear in the Commencement Book.

If your name is missing or you are missing an Honors designation, please notify the SE Office.

If your name is incomplete or misspelled: Log in to SIS (, choose “Apply for Graduation” from the dropdown, and update your name.

Commencement Invitations

Commencement invitations have been mailed to most students to their permanent address. However, if you have an international mailing address, you have not been mailed one. If you would like an invitation, please stop by the SE Office to pick one up.

As a reminder, to find all information regarding commencement, just visit

Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony

What is Order of the Engineer?

The Order of the Engineer was created to recognize the pride and great responsibility that comes with entry into the engineering profession. Each year, at ceremonies across the United States, graduating and registered engineers accept the Obligation of the Engineer, which is comparable to the Hippocratic Oath taken by medical doctors. Those who take the pledge promise to uphold the high standards and ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession. A stainless-steel ring worn on the fifth finger of the working hand symbolizes each initiate’s commitment to uphold the Obligation of the Engineer. The Order of the Engineer is not a professional society that requires attending meetings and paying dues. Additional information can be found at:

Notes for May 2019 Ceremony:

When is the Ceremony?

For the software engineering students who are interested in participating, we will be hosting our own Ring Ceremony on Friday, May 10, 2019 at 1:45pm in Golisano Auditorium 1400. [Note: Participants and family members should plan to leave a few minutes prior to the end of our Software Engineering department reception (happening 12:30pm-2:00pm) in order to attend the ceremony.]

How can I sign up?

Deadline April 15!

You may sign up for the ceremony in the ECCO Office, ENG-2641 (across from clean room) between 11:00am–3:00pm on M-F.  You are required to pay a $12 fee (cash or check made out to RIT) to order your ring. Sample rings are available in the ECCO Center Office so that you can determine the appropriate size. Rings are worn on the fifth finger of the working hand.