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Minor in SE

Students in disciplines which have a heavy reliance on software applications may be interested in pursuing a Minor in Software Engineering. A student taking this minor will deepen his or her software design skills and learn techniques for working on a productive software engineering team. The minor provides a broad view of the software engineering landscape including introductory material, and fundamentals in design and process. The student can maintain that balance in the technical electives he or she chooses, or specialize in either software engineering design or process by taking both electives from one area.

Minor Courses

Design electives

  • SWEN-331 Secure Software System Development
  • SWEN-342 Engineering of Concurrent and Distributed Software Systems
  • SWEN-343 Engineering of Enterprise Software Systems
  • SWEN-344 Engineering of Web Based Software Systems
  • SWEN-563 Real Time and Embedded Systems
  • SWEN-564 Modeling of Real Time Systems
  • SWEN-565 Performance Engineering of Real Time and Embedded Systems
  • SWEN-549 Software Engineering Design Seminar

Process electives

  • SWEN-350 Software Process and Product Quality
  • SWEN-352 Software Testing
  • SWEN-356 Trends in Software Development Processes
  • SWEN-559 Software Engineering Process Seminar

Other electives

  • SWEN-220 Mathematical Models of Software
  • SWEN-440 Software System Requirements and Architectures
  • SWEN-444 Human Centered Requirements and Design
  • SWEN-590 Software Engineering Seminar

Minor Prerequisite

Satisfactory completion of a first-year introductory programming sequence that includes object-oriented concepts offered by any program in GCCIS. Non-GCCIS students may take CS for Transfers to satisfy the minor prerequisite. Note: the predominate programming language used in SE courses that the student takes as part of the SE minor may differ from the language used in their introductory sequence. It is solely the student's responsibility to gain sufficient expertise in the language used in an SE course to complete assigned coursework.

See the course bulletin for additional prerequisites on individual courses.

Terms and Conditions

  • SWEN-261 (4010-361) Software Engineering
  • SWEN-262 (4010-362) Engineering of Software Subsystems
  • SWEN-256 (4010-456) Software Engineering Process
  • Electives–Choose any two courses from the following (any category):
    1. Only undergraduate matriculated students may enroll in the minor in Software Engineering.
    2. Posting of the minor on a student’s transcripts requires a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in the minor courses.
    3. A minor may not be added after graduation.
    4. Students must complete at least 15 credits of Software Engineering courses, at least 9 of which are not required by the student’s home program.
    5. An SE Advisor will serve as the point of contact for all students who wish to declare a minor in Software Engineering. The Advisor will approve a student’s plan of study, certify that that student has satisfied the minor’s requirement, and notify the Registrar that a minor has been satisfied so that it can be noted on a student’s transcript.
    6. The Department of Software Engineering accepts no AP or transfer credits towards the minor in Software Engineering.