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Society of Software Engineers

The Society of Software Engineers (SSE) was founded by students, for students, in 2001.

SSE partners with our department to provide great opportunities for our students, including:

  • Mentoring and tutoring Student mentors are available in the SSE Mentoring Lab for one-on-one help with course work. SSE also coordinates review sessions for introductory computing courses.
  • Networking SSE is a great link to the working world. Students returning from co-op often bring news of job openings. And alumni come back to SSE to recruit full-time employees.
  • Professional Development Students share knowledge, (and gain public speaking experience) through Tech Talks. The Projects Committee is always working on something new.
  • Social events The club hosts a variety of events throughout the year - everything from laser tag and campus-wide capture the flag tournaments to the annual Winter Ball.

SSE meets weekly (when classes are in session) in the SSE Mentoring Lab, GOL-1670. Check their website for meeting times this term.