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Application Domain

Application Domain applies to ‘Old Curriculum’ students ONLY (enrolled prior to Fall 2016)
‘New Curriculum’ students (enrolled Fall 2016 and later): The Application Domain requirement has been discontinued. The below requirements do not apply to you.

Our curriculum gives you the opportunity to explore an application domain (focus area) that fits your professional and academic outlook. An application domain consists of three courses that relate to a specific area of interest. Your application domain gives you broad exposure to topics and issues that may arise in the working world. It also helps prepare you to interact with team members from non-computing disciplines - an essential skill for every industry.

Selecting an Application Domain

Choose an Application Domain from this list, or submit a student-proposed domain (see below):

Declaring an Application Domain

  • Complete the Application Domain Declaration form.
  • Submit the form via email to Dawn at, or in person at the SE Office, GOL (70) - 1690.
  • We recommend meeting with a faculty member and an advisor before declaring your domain.
  • Note that many Application Domain courses require prerequisites. You should keep this in mind when selecting electives.
  • Although courses are listed within each Application Domain, this does not guarantee you a seat in those courses. When choosing your application domain, consider the following factors: flexibility of courses, how frequently each course is offered, how many seats are usually available, the priority of students registering, etc.
  • Software Engineering does not have an agreement with other departments regarding seat availability. You will register in courses within other departments with the same priority as other non-major students.


  • Pre-defined domains: Submit by the end of your 3rd year.
  • Modifications to approved domains: Re-submit your form by the end of your 4th year.

Guidelines for Student-Proposed Application Domains

  • Choose three courses that form a cohesive domain. It is highly recommended that no more than one course offered within GCCIS is part of your proposed domain.
  • The domain must be relevant to Software Engineering. You will need to defend the relevance on the declaration form.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that prerequisites are met, and that you are eligible to register for the courses. It is also your responsibility to check on the availability of the courses.
  • You may choose to contact the department(s) offering the proposed courses, in order to get feedback and additional information on course content.
  • You must review your proposed domain with a faculty member before submitting the form for approval.
  • Deadline: Submit your form at least one term before you plan to start your domain coursework, no later than Week 3.

Application Domain Declaration Form