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Software Engineering Electives

To fulfill your Software Engineering Elective requirement, choose one process elective, and one design. 

Design Electives

  • SWEN-342 Engineering of Concurrent and Distributed Software Systems
  • SWEN-343 Engineering of Enterprise Software Systems
  • SWEN-344 Web Engineering
  • SWEN-563 (formerly 461) Real Time and Embedded Systems
  • SWEN-564 (formerly 462) Modeling of Real Time Systems
  • SWEN-565 (formerly 463) Performance Engineering of Real Time and Embedded Systems
  • SWEN-549 Software Engineering Design Seminar 
  • SWEN-567 HW-SW Design
  • SWEN-789 Graduate Special Topics by permission (if a design seminar)


Process Electives

  • SWEN-350 Software Process and Product Quality
  • SWEN-352 Software Testing
  • SWEN-356 Trends in Software Development Processes
  • SWEN-559 Software Engineering Process Seminar