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Engineering Electives

To fulfill your Engineering Electives, choose from any of the three categories below.

Any exceptions must be approved by your academic advisor. Submit the Elective Approval Form for review.

(1) Software Engineering courses 
If you take additional SE electives (SWEN-xxx) beyond those required for your degree, you may apply them as Engineering Electives. See the Software Engineering Electives page for more information.

(2) Computer Science courses
CS courses must be from the list below. ONLY these CS courses are approved for credit:

  • CSCI-261 Analysis of Algorithms *
  • CSCI-320 Principles of Data Management
  • CSCI-331 Introduction to Intelligent Systems
  • CSCI-344 Programming Language Concepts
  • CSCI-351 Data Communications and Networks I
  • CSCI-352 Operating Systems
  • CSCI-420 Principles of Data Mining
  • CSCI-431 Introduction to Computer Vision
  • CSCI-442 Language Processors
  • CSCI-451 Data Communications and Networks II
  • CSCI-454 Parallel Computing
  • CSCI-462 Introduction to Cryptography
  • CSCI-510 Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CSCI-651 Foundations of Computer Networks
  • CSCI-711 Global Illumination
  • CSCI-753 Advanced Computer Networks
  • 700-level Software Engineering and Computer Science courses, with advisor approval

* Analysis of Algorithms applies only for students who entered RIT in Spring 2017 or prior

(3) College of Engineering courses
Choose any course offered through Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE), except those listed below. To search for courses offered through KGCOE:

  • Go to
  • Click SIS Class Search
  • Click green Select Subject button
  • Choose KGCOE from the Academic Group drop-down menu
  • Choose a subject and browse options

EXCEPTIONS: These courses do NOT apply as Engineering Electives. All other 3-credit KGCOE courses are approved for credit:

  • BIME-182, Intro to Programming for Biomedical Engineering
  • EEEE-346, Advanced Programming
  • EEEE-450, Introduction to Matlab Procedural Programming
  • ISEE-120 Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering
  • ISEE-200 Computing for Engineers
  • MECE-450 Introduction to Matlab Procedural Programming