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Why SE @ RIT

More than 10 reasons to choose Software Engineering @ RIT:

1. Co-op: Real-world work experience
Students agree – the co-op experience is invaluable. You will enter the workforce with three terms of work experience - and have the amazing resume to prove it. 

“Now that I've had a co-op experience, I feel more confident in my skills and abilities. I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to the rest of my courses at RIT.”
Elizabeth, 3rd year

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2. Friends and fun with Society of Software Engineers (SSE)
As a member of the SSE student club, it’s easy to become involved in daily life in the department. Founded by students, for students, SSE is a lively social hub, providing everything from lasting friendships to homework help to professional networking.

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3. Prove yourself through your Senior Project
For Senior Project, you’ll be assigned to a small team of students to solve challenging, real-world software issues for commercial, non-profit, and RIT organizations. You’ll test your mettle while applying everything you’ve learned in courses and on co-op.

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4. Tap in to our extensive alumni network
As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. As an SE student, you’ll have a direct link to alumni located at hundreds of top companies across the country, such as Microsoft, IBM, EA Games, Fidelity Investments, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Oracle, to name a few!

5. Excellent reputation with employers
Employers trust the quality, skills and professionalism which our students are known for, and it shows. Graduating students have a placement rate over 90%, and many students receive multiple job offers.

Recruiters from companies like Microsoft and United Technologies Aerospace Systems visit us frequently. They hold info sessions targeted at SE students and members of SSE, collect resumes and schedule interviews on the spot!

6. Learn in-demand skills from award-winning faculty
Software Engineering is more than just coding. Our curriculum covers the key topics that are in demand in industry, including software design, process, architectures and testing.

We are a friendly department, boasting small class-size and an ‘open-door’ policy. You’ll have the unique opportunity to get to know faculty members, and be involved in special projects and research.

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7. Support from top-rated academic advisors
College can be overwhelming, but your academic advisor will help you sort through options, overcome hurdles and set goals. In a recent survey, students gave our advisors a 97% approval rating. Students overwhelmingly agreed that our advisors are approachable, accurate, clear and knowledgeable.

"It's easy to make appointments, it's easy to get answers to questions via email (and prompt!), and the staff in the office is very knowledgeable."

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8. Excellent facilities
Our facilities support our teaching philosophy. We provide interactive, team-based learning in flexible, well-equipped lab space.

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9. The first Software Engineering undergraduate program in the US
We’re not new at this. Our program was the first undergraduate software engineering program in the US, and many programs around the country are based on our model. Since welcoming our first incoming class in 1996, we have worked hard to ensure our curriculum is comprehensive and cutting edge. We have graduated over 600 software engineering students. Our program is in a software engineering department which means all of our work focuses on the best education for the next generation of software engineers.

To stay current with industry trends, we keep in close contact with our Industrial Advisory Board. Board members offer insight on everything from curriculum to teaching methods.

10. Wide range of opportunities and great salary
As a software engineering major, you will have your pick of exciting opportunities in a range of industries - financial services, computer gaming, health care, aerospace and more... anywhere software is used!

The median starting salary for our graduates is $74,500, with some graduates starting at over $100,000.

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11. Possibility of graduate studies
Beyond a BS in Software Engineering, if you want to continue your studies you can do so in a number of Masters programs. We have a defined BS/MS degree in Software Engineering. There is also a BS/MS degree in Software Engineering/Computing Security. We are working on new accelerated programs in other degree areas.

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