Course-related Haiku Poetry

These are some Haiku poems related to material in courses that I teach. I will usually start an on-line discussion topic asking students to contribute poems on topics they from the course. These mostly technology-oriented software engineering students easily pick up the simple 5 - 7- 5 syllable structure of the Haiku poem. It has the students thinking about essential aspects of the course material from a different perspective.

4010-362 Engineering of Software Subsystems
The "Design Patterns" Course

Basic Principles

Coupling, Cohesion
Antagonistic forces
Tradeoffs to be made.


Solvers in a chain
Requests passed one to the next
Only one reacts.

The Stand-in

Looks like the real thing
But really hides it from view
Protect, remote, smart.


4010-441 Principles of Concurrent Software Systems


Actions are the same
Processes come together
Continue apart.

Timed Systems

Time passes freely
Ticks never inconsistent
The system runs true.


4010-462/0306-664/0306-764 Modeling of Real-Time Systems

Real-Time Systems

Time is essential
On time, not late, not early
Fail predictably.

Object Behavior

States and transitions
Statechart defines behavior
Or hide it in code.

A Watchdog

Waiting for the strokes
Stroke, something is working, stroke
No stroke comes, woof, woof.

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