Goggles Give X-Ray View
Flat display panels are the key to presenting screen views inside special goggles.

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     Once the exclusive province of superheroes, X-ray vision is coming to a mere mortal near you.
     The technology, called augmented reality, is being developed by University of Rochester researchers. It will give the user a seamless view of a solid object combined with instrument-derived information about its contents. Today, while operating, doctors often have to glance back and forth between their patients and the medical imaging devices. With these so-called augmented-reality goggles, they would be able to select ultrasound, MRI, CT or X-ray images, or a combination of these, to operate faster and more accurately.
     Expectant fathers could be among the first to see the technology in action. Instead of being shown a photo of an ultrasound image of their developing offspring, they will be able to see the image of the fetus superimposed on an external view of the mother's body.