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At Lintwood Press, we believe in the power of authors.

We believe that writing a book is a highly-personal experience, and that authors should receive a greater percentage of each book's sale, no matter the format. So what do we do?  We empower authors by helping them distribute their creations to a world of readers.  Have you ever managed ISBN's, LCCN's, BISAC's, copyright, CIP data, content conversion and layout, cover layout, online presence, or multiple-format distribution?  We're experts at streamlining the publication process so authors can focus on what they do best: writing. We would love to discuss your passion project with you.  Contact Us.

Lintwood Press is also committed to reducing environmental waste.

  • Most book orders are print-on-demand, requiring no climate-controlled storage or destruction of unsold material.
  • Printing facilities are located throughout the world, decreasing the carbon footprint of delivery to our vendors and readers.
  • Many of our books are printed on recycled material.  The majority of waste from the printing process is recycled.
  • Over 90% of our library is available in electronic format, significantly reducing environmental impact and allowing access on all of the devices our readers enjoy.  As a reward for environmental consideration, our readers receive a significant discount when they choose electronic formats. Our authors typically recieve similar compentation to printed media.
We are based in Rochester, New York, USA.  Printing partners are located throughout the world.