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Teaching Software Engineering

- The web has evolved, and so the need for a personal site has dimished greatly. Each element of sharing that was the pride of a personal home page has been replaced by a wildly popular social networking site. Why fight it? Select the appropriate icon above. - Do you know me? If so, why not cyberstalk me for a while? If not, let's hope I have those FaceBook privacy settings figured out. - Hundreds of bits of information can be found about me on the internet. Why take all that time to type my name into Google when you can just use this icon? - Social Media plus old coworkers. What could possibly go wrong? - Email me: - View my old site. - My professional life in bullet form. PDF Format. - Articles with tips, classroom activities, project descriptions, and lessons learned from my experiences as a college professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. "A practical, student-centered approach."