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PantherPaw.com Archives


PantherPaw.com Version 1: 1/98 thru 1/99 - This is the very first PantherPaw to be viewed by the eyes of the public. Note the use of frames. The Pink Panther Theme Song was originally played when loaded. At this time the page was known as PantherPaw - The Page of the Panther.

PantherPaw.com Version 2: 1/99 thru 1/01 - The second PantherPaw, this was the first to be used on the domain name, PantherPaw.com The idea for the composition of this page came and the whole thing was completed in one day. This page is functional and most links will work. Have Fun!

PantherPaw.com Version 3: 1/01 thru 1/03 - This was to be the big rollout of PantherPaw.com as an Internet Portal with my own personal rating system. Maybe a bit ambitious, but the face of the idea was created. Links do not work.

Unused Versions: These pages were created just for fun and were never intended for use.

1: Back to Basics - The images on the left are "rollover" images, meaning that they change when the mouse is passed over them. There are no links on this page, as this is all that was done.

2: Legal Pad - The textured "top" of the pad was actually obtained by scanning the top of a real pad. There are no working links on this page.

3: Red Dot to the Right - This site's placement of the menu system is on the right of the page - a relatively unused but perfectly feasible concept. The English language's tendency to read from left to right makes this unusual.

4: Shadows - These shadows were created quite easily on Paint Shop Pro 5 using a simple command. The hard part was to shadow the panther; a time consuming task I did not complete.

5: The Final Frontier - Space and the Internet; both have an almost infinate potential and expanse. This version was designed on a whim - I thought a site with planets and stars would look cool

6: Expand and Retract - What is cool about this site is the menu system - click the white arrows on the left to see what I mean. This concept is easily replicated with DHTML and is used by many websites.


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