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Group Availability

The following is a schedule containing all of the times that the students working on this project are busy. Any times left blank are available for meetings with the entire team.

PF - Patrick Flanagan
TS - Tom Small
WS - Whitney Sorenson
CW - Chris Woodbury
DV - Dan Volpe

  M T W R F
8:00   WS,TS      
9:00   WS,TS      
10:00 CW WS,PF CW WS,PF  
11:00 CW WS,PF CW WS,PF  
12:00 DV,TS CW DV,TS    
1:00 DV,TS CW DV,TS    
3:00 WS,PF,CW CW PF,CW    
4:00   WS,PF   WS,PF  
5:00   WS,PF   WS,PF  
6:00 WS,CW WS WS WS  
7:00 WS,CW WS WS WS  
8:00 CW