Digital Evaluation Systems
On-line Co-op Evaluation Systems


Member Information

Shaun Collins
   Process/Documentation Manager
Neil Girard
   Support Manager
Jennifer Kotski
   Testing Manager
Phil Makara
   Team Leader
Pete Vertenten
   Development Manager

Stakeholder Information

Manny Contomanolis
   Project Sponsor
Jim Bondi
   Co-op Office IT
Emilio J. DiLorenzo
   Stakeholder (ITS)
J. Fernando Naveda
   Primary Faculty Advisor
Tom Reichlmayr
   Secondary Faculty Advisor
Jeremy Trumble
   Main ITS Contact
Dan Tobin
   ITS Contact
Chris Boyd
   SE Web Contact

Project Description

The RIT Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services desires to migrate a mostly paper process for evaluating and assessing co-op assignments to an electronic one. The current process involves using postal mail to distribute and return forms, managing paper records in the co-op office, and sometimes scanning paper documents to create electronic versions for distribution. This process is time consuming and wastes paper. It is also not conducive to analyzing the data collected from both employers and students, which is important for gathering information about student growth and development for academic program evaluation and accreditation. This project proposes to enhance this evaluation process by developing a web-based system with greater ease of use to both employers and students and with significantly strengthened analysis and reporting tools.