Usability Testing - OCECS

To complete our usability test and explore the system, please use the following steps:

  1. Open this link to the system (opens in a new window). When prompted to log in, just click OK.
  2. Feel free to browse around the system. You are using a test database, so don't worry about breaking anything.
  3. Then, attempt to perform the following tasks:
    1. View the submitted evaluation form for Jason Cavett for a co-op completed in the quarter, 20033.
    2. Create a report with the following criteria:

      Quarter: 20033
      By Department: VSEN - Software Engineering

    3. After creating the report, view an analysis of the data.
    4. Add a new department with the name of your choice to the College of Computing and Information Sciences.
    5. Remove the department you just added.
  4. Complete this questionnaire (opens in a new window).

Thank you for your participation.

--Digital Evaluation Systems Team