Time Tracking

Eric Mammoser
Zach Samuelson
Eric Newman
Alex Maniates

Time Archive Semester 1 Zip

Questions Answered

The beginning of this project will be very exploratory and research-based. For that reason, we feel that Questions Answered will be a very useful metric. For this, we will keep a document of the questions we might have and the research we do to attempt to answer those questions. The paths we take with our research and the amount of time that research takes will be well documented so that we do not end up spending too much time on a path that leads nowhere. Once we have a base idea of how long some of our research will take, we should be able to roughly estimate how long future tasks will take. In addition to the document that details our answers, we will also keep a spreadsheet to better keep track of the time.

Test Code Coverages

We wouldd like to use test coverage percent as a metric for analyzing how well our product adheres to the functional size rules we wish to adhere to. Our code needs to have reliable results and it is very important that those results are consistent. There are plenty of tools that allow for unit test creation and viewing coverage percentages that we will be looking into. We will be defining strict test cases with input and desired output.