Weekly update
We mainly focused on finishing the first release. The first release mainly includes the basic architecture to perform importing, (basic) matching, database, and early GUI prototype. We are hoping to finish integrating and give a demo by the next Tuesday to the sponsors.

weekly update 1.18 - 1.25
Weekly update
Another week has passed and let's take a look at what we have done.

We have finished the following tasks.
1. SRS
2. Issue tracker installation
3. Plone installation
4. Data model (MySQL)
5. Domain model (Hibernate)
6. GUI prototype
7. Look at Java XML parsers

We also made some adjustments to our project plan, SRS and design documents according to the feedback we received from sponsors and advisor. We are on track with our schedule and we will try to meet the targets for next week (which are already on our project schedule).

Click here to download the project documents. The zip file contains all the documents where many of them are updated accordingly.
Back from vacation
Everyone is back from 2 weeks vacation, and we are ready to attack the project. This week we are planning to have draft SRS (software requirements specifications). We also need to review and make changes by incorporating the feedback from the professor and the sponsors regarding our initial project documents.