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Project Synopsis

The project consists of the redesign and possible replacement of the existing RIT Co-op office data reporting website. This will be done using a formal software engineering approach in order to guarantee a solid architecture for the system, making emphasis on performance, extensibility, maintainability, usability and reliability. The system is used daily by several offices in RIT (like the Co-op office, program departments, NTID amongst others) as well as external users (Co-op and full time employers).

The existing system consists of three Data sources: an external one, that provides data from the NACE job listing web site, an internal RIT one, which provides student data from SIS, and a Co-op office source which provides student Co-op information. Currently all sources display their reports in three separate ways. The project aims to unify these reporting systems, decrease the latency between the user input and report display, and increase usability of the system by adding elements such as visual aids like graphs, interactive elements, user customizable displays and others.

After this project concludes, it is highly likely that development and expansion will continue by the RIT Co-op Office. Maintainability of the software system developed needs to be emphasized in the design and implementation to ensure that further development can occur as smoothly as possible.